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Learn How to do Image Search on Google

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To put it simply, Reverse Image Search is like a normal Google search, except in place of keywords or phrases you will be using an image.  One can say this is basically a method of finding the source of an image.  

Why is Reverse Image Search Important?

In today’s digital age, the world of big data is ever-expanding at a very high rate. Every second thousand of images being uploaded on the internet from around the world. Many of these images are identical or are reproduced multiple times. In this case, if you want to search the origins of an image, then you can simply use the reverse image search tool instead of manually combing through several pictures and web pages. 

Free Reverse Image Search also helps counter instances of fake news where images are used wrongfully or without the correct context. One can also find out the original artist or the photographer with the help of this tool. Many cases of copyright infringement have also been resolved with the assistance of Reverse Image Search.  

Initially, when the facility of searching through pictures was launched, it was not used much. Gradually, as we moved to a more visual world, people began using this service for a myriad of uses and reasons. Today it is used by students, professionals, and laymen alike for general curiosity as well as professional reasons.

How to search by image on Google?

There are many ways to search by image on Google. Google introduced the reverse image search in 2011 and saw major success. However, in the era of privacy invasion, many individuals and companies have maintained distance from it because Google’s policies are such that it stores your internet history, which compromises privacy. This has given rise to many independent tools that perform a search by image. 

Many websites offer this service, such as Yandex, Pinteres, KarmaDecay, IQDB, Getty Image, Shutter Stock, Yahoo, Bing, and Every search engine has a different way of processing reverse photo searches and has their niche users, for example, KarmaDecay is used specifically by Reddit users while IQDB is used by those who are interested in anime.  Most of these services are free of cost.  

There are mostly two ways in which one can perform searches through photos, and they are:

  • By using URLs:  One simply has to paste the URL address of a concerned image in the search tab. 
  • By uploading the image:  One has to pick and attach the concerned image file from their device and then initiate the search. It is important to make sure that your image file is in the format that is compatible with the tool that is being used. This method is often used for images that are not procured online. 

In many tools or websites (that are independent of big web crawlers ), once you initiate the search, you get the option to select an internet service provider whose web directory you would like to skim through. 

Additionally, in many advanced tools, crucial important details about the searched image are revealed before the results are released, such as the camera used to click the photo, time, date, etc. These extra inputs help make the investigation more relevant and specific.